About Me

My name is Martin-Pierre Frenette. I am a Catholic Raised French-Speaking guy from Montréal, Québec, Canada


I am a very open-minded web developer who grew up in a mixed-openness family.

I was raised to accept every other Catholic on the planet, regardless of gender, race, language, ethnicity or customs.

My family notably co-sponsored a Vietnamese family who wanted to flee communism and settled in Canada.

I was taught to fight racism, to accept people of all colors or origin.

Provided they were Catholic…


As I grew up, I decided to simply accept everyone as they are, provided they respect others.

This translated in my mind into fighting discrimination, into protecting weaker people.

My company always had clear rules of inclusion (notably hiring a trans-gendered lesbian woman on welfare a few years ago) and we have worked with clients all over the world (over 32 countries) and from multiple faiths, creed or culture.

When I was at McGill University, I was one of the few white Christian students willing to fully work with minorities, including Muslims, Jews, Blacks (we don’t usually say African-Canadian) and even with an Hindu student!

When I discovered the Safety Pin protest, I didn’t decide to suddenly fight discrimination and provide a safe space around me.

I realized this is what I had been doing for years!