Why I support marijuana legalization

Martin-Pierre Frenette November 21, 2016
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I’ve never taken Marijuana or any other illegal drugs.

Choosing to not take Marijuana is, in a way, a privilege too. Just ask Jacqueline Patterson why she takes Marijuana and you realize she is not a drug addict:

Or ask Gwenevere’s parents why they give Cannabis oil to their young daughter:

It’s for stories like these I am 100% in favor of legalized Marijuana for medical use, but that’s not the only side of the medal.

Marijuana is a relaxant, both for muscles and for stress, PTSD and other deep emotional issues which can seriously impair your ability to function in society.

Even people with relatively mild anxiety may (or not) benefit from Marijuana and in many cases, positive effects are faster and the side-effects are milder than medicinal anti-depressants.

Requiring a medical prescription can be a serious hurdle especially for people who are anxious due to unemployment (or underpaid under-employment) notably due to discrimination.

The War on Drug

The sad reality, is that the real reason for the War on Drugs was when Nixon wanted to discredit the Hippies and the African Americans in the 60s. You can watch a video on it here, but honestly, there’s are ton of them easily available, and it’s not like it’s a conspiracy theory anymore: John Ehrlichman (Nixon’s domestic policy chief) ¬†confirmed it in an interview with Dan Baum of Haper’s magazine¬†!

You can also see Adam Ruin’s everything tackle the subject. While it is a comedy show, the facts are real and documented:

As a result, I cannot turn my head around and ignore the facts just because I think Marijuana smells bad. I thus fully support Marijuana legalization, despite having the privilege of not having to consume it, and the additional privilege of risking little if I do.

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